Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Patrick Day treats

This past Valentines Day was a bust, mostly because of the move but also because I just dropped the ball. So I wanted to do a little more this St. Patrick Day for the kids and others. We of course had green milk and green pancakes, but I also made these sweet treats for the kids as well as their teachers and my visiting teachees.

One thing I would have done different would have been to do the clovers on parchment first and then attached them to the cookies instead of drawing them right on the cookie. I had a few wonky ones that I could have done with out.

I'm also bummed because I accidently ereased the picture of the whole treat so all you get to see is the top and the tag and even that isn't very good since it's blurry. Not my finest post ever. But anyway here it is.

Dipped Oreo's with clovers


Monday, March 7, 2011

movie boxes

When we moved we lost a lot of space that we had before. One of the "space" things I miss was our movie closet. Todd had built these shelves that fit all our movies perfectly and now I was clueless as what to do with them. I had them all packed in these orange boxes and this is how they sat on our shelf. I thought about buying baskets or bins for them to go in on the shelves but after looking around and pricing them out it was going to cost more than I wanted to spend.

I found the paper at Michaels on sale for .14 cents a sheet and used two sheets per box. The ribbon I had on hand (both are from Stampin Up). I organized the movies and printed out what I wanted each one to say. I cut those out on my Cuttlebug along with a solid cardstock. I stamped the swirlies on for that little something extra.

I punched holes in the top and tied knots in the ribbon to make handles.

Much happier with this than orange boxes. To bad Todd doesn't like the labels on the front and laughed that I organized them. One of those things he puts up with being married to me. Poor guy. : )

I wish I could I could stager the boxes on the shelf but with a two year old in the house they'd never survive. Over all I think it looks pretty good.

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