Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Sorry this is so late getting done, but it is still Tuesday. Today with school being canceled I found I had no time to sit and do this until now when everyone is in bed.

So this weeks SPT challenge is:
I resolve to take more self-portraits doing things I love.

First is chocolate, I didn't think it very lady like to post a picture of me with my mouth full of this ice cream so this should do. I so much enjoy really good chocolate.

Second is me talking to my husband on the phone. He calls at least once a day. He's so Sweet! (ok these are really out of order, he should come before chocolate)

There are just so many things I enjoy doing I do need to document them more so I remember in years to come.

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Anonymous said...

Cute SPT. And, sad to admit, but somedays, chocolate comes before phonecalls from husbands. It's a universal dilema!!

Fun post!

shannon said...

Chocolate icecream is right up there on my favorites list, too!

Talking on the phone with my husband...mmmm not so much! He's terrible on the phone...if I had to maintain a relationship based on our phone conversations, we'd be sunk! :(

MaryRC said...

hi tiffany, thanks for stopping by. how funny you are, but admit it...sometimes chocolate DOES come before the husband, depends on how he has been treating you.... just kidding.. happy blogging

MaryRC said...

i forgot to comment on the married name we share. i hated to give mine up, mary crabtree sounds like an old lady to me, and in fact most people assume i am. so i hyphinated, and rockwood-crabtree is incredibly ridiculous. what was i thinking...? btw you are very crafty, cute stuff you got here.

Staci said...

Mmmmmm... chocolate!

jenn said...

mmmm chocolate! that sounds good!

Cecilia said...

Fun post! Sometimes I have to admit that chocolate does come before husband :)

Dacia said...

Chocolate of course!!! Not just chocolate, but good chocolate! I'm with you there! Can't wait for the chocolate party!

Jeanette said...

Two things that I enjoy as well. Cute post.

Lene said...

Great SPT....there are even some days when my husband comes before chocolate, just not very often. ;)


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