Sunday, May 3, 2009

Party, Party, Party!!!!!

I LOVE to throw a party and I'm doing a couple in the next few months that I am soooo excited about.

Coming up first is a baby shower for my good friend who is having her fifth. My theme for the party is "five little monkeys" and the colors are chocolate brown, light brown and light turquoise. I'll be sure to post pictures as I get things done for that one.

Then I have my nephews birthday that I'm helping my sister-in-law with since it's happening at the family reunion this year. He's having a construction party and the colors are red, yellow, and black. I'm doing the banner, party hats, cupcake toppers, invites, door sign, goodie bag tags, and confetti. It's been lots of fun helping with the planning, thanks Britt for letting me.

Next up is our girls night bunco group. I'm the hostess for June and of course I have to have a theme to go on so I chose to do "barefoot bunco". Lots of stuff to do with feet and summer. I have pedicure kits I got from the dollar store to put with the invites that I'm excited to do. And of course my prizes have everything to do with feet. Hopefully it's nice enough by then that we can start outside. fingers crossed.

And I know it's not until October but I've also started planning my girls birthday party. I found some great ideas and am going with a lollipop theme with the colors being light pink, hot pink, lime green, and teal. I've already made Ellie's tutu to match, way easy. I'll also make Holland one but I'm waiting until it's closer just because she'll change so much between now and then. I wonder how long I can get away with doing one party for both girls? (their birthdays are one and then the next the next day)

So here's a picture of my first tutu.

I completely forgot one. I'm helping a friend of mine do her cusomer/hostess appreciation party in July. We're doing a flirty french theme in black, white, and pink. Using damask, feathers, pink roses, etc. This should be super cute and fun to pull together.


Dacia said...

So dang cute!

Meredith Wilcox said...

You make me smile. You're amazing.

Andy and Lynne said...

LOVE the tutu!! and one for Holland? I can't wait to see that! I am addicted to your creativity, it is so fun to see! And I do have to say, I am SO excited for my baby shower, maybe I'll have to have just one more so I can have you throw another party for me! :)


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