Thursday, June 25, 2009

Barefoot Bunco

I can check another party off my list. Last night was my turn to host our Bunco group and for some reason (I"m blaming my cold) I was really behind in getting things done for this. So the day and night were kinda crazy and I didn't get a single picture. I do have some favors left over so I can at least get a pictures of those. Otherwise you just get to hear about it. I've found I have two nemesis in the kitchen. The first is plastic wrap, I can never get it to tear where it's suppose to and it always comes off in a clump. The second I discovered yesterday while getting ready for Bunco, Puff Pastry shells. I love to eat them so I thought doing some yummy recipes with them would be great. My first problem was that I wanted to try recipes that called for using mini shells and in my little town with only two grocery stores, they only had the regular size. So I got three boxes, I had originally had three recipes using the mini's and now I was trying to figure out what the heck I was going to do. My first box didn't work out so well, I'm pretty sure they were under cooked and when I went to remove the tops and gooey middle, well lets just say they didn't look so good. But by the third box they were starting to look like they are suppose to. Those I filled with a cream cheese and whipped topping filling and topped with fresh fruit. I also found a yummy recipe on Pepperidge for chocolate raspberry pillows that turned out pretty good. And for a non sweet I put chicken salad on baguettes. My favorite was the Italian Soda's to drink.

I had found these pedicure kits at the dollar store about a month ago and wanted to use them as invites but like I said things just didn't go as planned. I didn't get these out before I left town and it was too late when I got back. So they worked great as favors. For prizes I had everything to do with feet, a toe ring with nail polish, an ankle bracelet with polish, foot care stuff like a scrubber, soaking salt, and pumas stone, also a french manicure/pedicure set, and an old classic movie Barefoot in the Park.

Once I cooled down I really enjoyed the night and had so much fun talking and eating with great friends, oh and playing a little Bunco.

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Equidae said...

hmmm should try a ladies party like that one day


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