Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bushels of Blessings

Big sigh! Yeah I made it through, it was close though. I thought for sure I would be moved by now and wouldn't be doing the Activity Days dinner, but here I am. Really though it wasn't that bad. I decided on the theme "Bushels of Blessings" and using apples. This wasn't quite as over the top as last year but I think the girls enjoyed it as did their parents.

I did digital invitations this time instead of my handmade and they turned out pretty cute.

I also use some of my digital stuff from fabulous Kristin Aagard's "Sweet Apple" collection, for my program cover. Love her stuff!!

Centerpieces I found these great tubs at Target in their dollar section for only $2.50 and that scrapbook paper was also in the dollar section and was perfect!

For a treat for the girls I made them each a caramel apple with chocolate and sprinkles. I also found these baskets in the dollor section at Target.

Kara from "Kara's cupcakes" did these super cute cupcakes and they went perfect with my theme, thanks for the help Kara! I used them for decoration on the food table, everyone was anxious to get their hands on these.

The food wasn't anything super fabulous, ham, funeral potatoes, salad, rolls, and apple crisp for the adults.

It all went really well and everyone seemed to have a good time. I only had one hiccup, the ham wasn't warmed through when it came time to eat so I just cut off the warmed outside parts. It didn't look very pretty but no one seemed to mind.

I'm almost positive this was my last activity days dinner but you never know, maybe I'll be in activity days again when I move.

(for those who don't know what activity days are in our church girls ages 8 to 11 meet twice a month for an activity and do work towards their "Faith in God" award, if you'd like more info please visit here)


kara said...

everything turned out adorable!! wow, i wish you were our achievement days leader!

Sue Sparks said...

Your cupcakes are ADORABLE!!!


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