Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kids Valentines

Amazingly enough I got the kids Valentines done this week while I unpacked the house. I originally saw these over on Eighteen25 and they found them here. I thought it was a cute idea and perfect for the boys who are starting a new school and the fact that the kids don't know who they are yet. I did a couple of Ellie to send to Grandma's and Grandpa's but none of the littlest munchkin, I couldn't get her to hold her hand just right~oh well next year.

I bet you're wondering why they're holding their hands like that. Well this is why. . . . .

Cut a small slit above and just beneath their hands and insert a sucker. Cute!!



Brittney said...

I've seen these too! So adorable! We might do that next year for Scotty. Can I get your new address? I have a bday card for Wei.

Dacia said...

I saw those too and yours are SUPER cute! Yet again, you see something and rock it!

Shauna K said...

how stinkin cute are these?!?! hehe i love them!! what a creative idea :D


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