Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pinterest inspired projects

I Love, Love, Love Pinterest. SO many great ideas out there to be inspired by. These are a few projects I've done that I've found on Pinterest. 

First is my Christmas bulb garland inspired from this picture
 I used DollarTree bulbs and ribbon. I love the original ideas with the beads and hooking them on so that they don't move but because I used these plastic ones they didn't have the removable top. So I improvised.

Next are these wrapped gifts by the front door originally seen here.
I loved them when I saw them but wasn't sure I'd use this idea this year. Then I did my coffee filter wreath and well things just worked out that they were just what I needed.

I've seen lots of coffee filter wreaths out there and have done one before but here is my Christmas one for my front door. 
 Once I finished it and added the red bulbs I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I am a HUGE fan of polka dots and figured why not go with that.

So I made a ruffle garland from my red and white polka dot fabric, saw the poms at Michael's and envisioned more polka dots so I strung those as well. 
 I had the perfect wrapping paper to go with my polka dot theme and found the boxed at Walmart for something like $.54 each.

 I love how it all turned out and that it's a little non-traditional. 

I've seen MANY bulb wreaths out there and again used the Dollar Tree bulbs and made up my own. Here's the one that inspired me. I didn't use a coat hanger to do mine but I got the general idea for it from there.

Something new for me this year was having a stair railing to decorate. I saw this image from Martha Stewart and well did the best I could.  I'd love to have berry wreaths, maybe next year. I'll have to find them after Christmas when they're on sale.

 and well this year I had some left over bulbs from all my projects and found a great spot for them to go.

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Dacia said...

So cute! I was totally going to make a bulb garland too :) So many fun ideas!

Alaina said...

That's amazing. All of it. I envy your energy and innovation! It's beautiful.

Pam said...

Love it! You are one in a million. We've started pinny parties to help with our pinterest addiction. It puts all that pinning time to good use. You might want to check it out @


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