Tuesday, March 10, 2009


This months challenge has been really hard for me. (obviously since I didn't participate last week) I guess it's due that I don't get out much and when I do it's usually with my four kids, thus no hands to take pictures due to trying to control my kids. But as soon as Lelly posted that it would be about 8's bedtime came rushing to my mind. I love 8pm because my kids are all usually asleep by then and the house is quiet. ( ok so my 4mo old is still up but she's so mellow it's worth it). So I LOVE LOVE LOVE 8 o'clock!


Alisha said...

Amen. I love bedtime too. It's a beautiful thing.

Dacia said...

I love 8pm too!!

Chris said...

I hear you! My kids must be in bed. I am so much nicer if they are. I need that time to myself.

donna said...

Yes bed time is always so nice. Enjoy the 8:00pm bedtime as long as you can. When you get teenagers, they stay up longer at night. I sometimes go to bed before my daughter does.

Crystal said...

All of my shows START at 8pm. How I wish for cable and DVR again someday....ha!

I had to miss THE BIGGEST LOSER last night because I was just so exhausted.

Great SPT, although now I feel myself yawning.

TheBMillers said...

isn't that the greatest hour.. I actually have a similar one scheduled to be posted later this month :)



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