Friday, May 20, 2011

mother/daughter dinner

Well I'm bummed because I didn't get a lot of fabulous pictures of this event. I was so occupied with everything else it completely slipped my mind until people had started eating. So this is what you get instead.

these were the tables obviously, I did mini poms and wrapped them around the napkin and silverware. Each place had their own bowl of chips and salsa.

Center pieces were the frames I painted from the dollar store and I had a few quotes about mothers and daughters with them as well.

I had been growing this grass for a month, way longer than needed but it turned out to be super cute.

We had some great desserts, mini cheese caked, mini chocolate cupcakes, & stuffed strawberries.

Dinner was taco salad.

we also had a photo booth that the moms and daughter had their picture taken in and then we printed them out for them to take home in the frames that were on the table.

We also played the newly wed game only with questions for the mom's and daughters to answer.

I had so much fun putting all this together, can't wait to do another party!

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Dacia said...

So cute! What a great idea for a dinner. Did I ever tell you how creative you are? ;)


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