Wednesday, April 27, 2011

centerpiece and favor

I must confess I'm not a big fan of felt. It has always looked kinda cheap to me. BUT I must also confess I LOVE these felt flowers!!!! I'm sorry I can't remember where I originally saw them to give credit but oh my heck! SO cute. I also have to say I love the fabric button maker I invested in to make the centers for these flowers. This is what the girls get to take home from the Mother/Daughter Activity I'm planning. The idea is they take a picture with their mom in a "photo booth" I'll have set up and then print the pictures out there so that they can add them to the frames to take home. I'm also using the empty frames for the center pieces on the tables. I'm loving h0w they're coming along so far!

The frames I got from the dollar store and primed and spray painted. I found the button maker at Hobby Lobby and used random fabric I had on hand. Felt, well you can find felt almost anywhere, I found mine at Michaels.

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Dacia said...

Love everything--the felt flower, the button & frame! Awesome!


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