Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Kids Valentines

Each of the kids did something different this year for their class Valentines. 

Quinton's was an arrow from pixie stixs and hearts. He put them together almost all himself. I added the hearts with the hot glue so that he wouldn't burn himself.

 His said "take your best shot Valentine"

 Weiland of course needed to incorporate animals some how. He chose Dinosaurs and we added a few Starburst and we're good. He and I worked together to do them, he was a great helper.

Ellie's were felt fortune cookies. I had to do these and she helped me add the Starburst at the end. Her's said "So fortunate to have you Valentine"

 For their teacher's Valentines we put some mini doughnuts in a gable box.
Love how these turned out. The teachers really appreciated them as well.



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