Friday, May 4, 2012

Dr. Seuss baby shower

I had a great time planning and throwing this baby shower for a friend and first time mom. I found some great inspiration on Pinterest which led to some really fun things. 

A great party has to start with great invitations. I was inspired by this find on Pinterest. I collected TP tubes to start, then designed the outer label on Photoshop. I punched circles out with the info for the party on them and attached to a ribbon. I had the ribbon loop up through the outer circle to make a pull tab. I sealed both end of the tube with circles and filled with confetti. 

Here's how the invite went
It's a celebration!
The time has come,
To help (insert name)
prepare for the
arrival of her
little one.

Did you hear?
Did you see?
A baby boy is
oh what fun
he will be!

The place you
should go, the
place you should be
Why the home of
(insert name of host)
(address of shower here)

(insert date) is the date
()Pm is the time
We'll have food
We'll have fun
and friends both
yours and mine.

(insert names)
 are the ones to call
if you can't make the
party at all.

 And as usual I didn't get pictures of everything because I was too busy finishing things up when people started to arrive. I did have someone snap a few and will add those once I get them. I did get a few detail shots so I'll share those.

I designed water bottle labels and added a stripe straw.

 I found a great idea for a diaper cake and ordered the template to make one. I think it turned out very Dr. Seussy.

 For each guest who came we had these tubes full of sprinkles. The tag reads "Thank you for sprinkling "mom to be"  and baby with love"
 I had a little table by the door as guest came in and had each guest sign a Dr. Seuss book for mom and baby. The sign on the table read:
Stop here you see
and write a special message for baby.
A special wish or great advice 
or even your name would be nice.
On the front, the back or any pages
It's something (add mom's name) 
will treasure through all of the ages

I used Dr. Seuss characters and books to decorate
 as well as tissue poms and Cat in the Hat hat's which I found at Joann's

I had a game area where I had set up two tables with two different games guests could play. I know some people dread the baby shower games so I put it out and those who would like to play could. I made cupcake kits as prizes for the games but didn't get any pictures of them. You can go here to see what they basically looked liked.

The games were design a Onsie where you used fabric makers and plain white onsies and decorated it. I had some of my stamps out they could use as well. I had them hang them on a clothes line with decorated clothes pins and then the mom to be chose her favorite as the winner. The second game was guess what is in the bag. I spelled out the word BABY SHOWER on paper bags and inside placed items that started with that letter. 

This is the only shot of the food I got. We had great food. These are marshmallows dipped in chocolate and sprinkles. I love this idea of putting mini cupcake papers underneath.

I also made a bunch of "clovers" to put in some pails and boxes. I used Styrofoam balls I found at Dollar Tree and covered them in fun fur yarn. I then stuck in some stripey straws.


The Hojnackes said...

Everything was so cute and it was so much fun!

Brittney said...

So cute! I love all the little detailed touches. Have one of your friends go around with the camera while you are setting up next time...I want to see EVERYTHING!

Anonymous said...

How cute! Where did you get the Cat in the Hat bins?

Dacia Alba said...

Such a cute party! I miss all your fun parties!

Eileen said...

Really cute. What do you mean by "you ordered a template" to make the diaper cake?

Earrin Fullwiley said...

Do you have a email where i can reach you ?
mines is can you contact me ASAP


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