Friday, May 4, 2012

Teacher appreciation week

It's teacher appreciation week starting Monday and this year I wanted to actually do something for my kids teachers. I have great respect for teachers, especially really great teachers. I know how hard it is to get my kids just to do their homework for a few hours each day so I can only imagine what  full day would be like. 

I always have good intentions but it always seem to sneak up on me. Well not this year, this year I'm prepared. I started on these a week ago and will have my last one finished this weekend. I of course went to my go to place for great ideas, Pinterest. I'm so thankful people are willing to share their good ideas and talent with the rest of us so that I don't have to come up with all this on my own. 

Day one: highlighters ~ inspiration can't be found. I know I've seen these somewhere before If you know please leave me a comment with the source so I can give due credit.

Day two: a pencil bouquet ~ inspiration found here.

Day three: hand soap ~ inspiration found here.

 Day four: scissors ~ inspiration found here

Day five still to come, still need the candy for the jar. Will post as soon as I have it done but here is where I found my inspiration.

Revised 5/7/12
Ok here is the last teacher appreciation gift we'll be giving this week



Brittney said...

Wow, great job. Our teacher week is coming up and I don't have anything planned yet.

Julie L. said...

LOVE your ideas!!! It's so hard to give gifts to high school teachers and they don't get the cool things elementary teachers get. I think my daughter would love giving some of these!


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