Sunday, September 16, 2012

Halloween Canvas

My inspiration came while wondering the isles at Hobby Lobby. I came across this great frame on canvas that I knew I needed to have. But the more I looked at it the more I decided that I could make it my self and make it to fit into my Halloween decor style. 

This is what my finished project looks like and I LOVE it!!!

Unfortunately I didn't photograph step by step instructions for you but I think we can handle this with out it. 

This is what you'll need:

* blank canvas  (I got mine at Michaels using my 40% off coupon)

*Ivory Krylon spray paint

* black acrylic paint

*foam brush

*Frog tape (which I would recommend over plain blue painters tape)

*chevron pattern

*4x6 black frame

*Halloween printable

*E600 glue

First I spray painted my canvas ivory and let that dry. While that was drying I printed out my chevron pattern that I found on the Sunset website which you can find HERE.  After I had cut that out I placed it on my canvas and used Frog tape to cover the exposed canvas. Once I had my first one done I would move my pattern and repeat. 

After it's all taped off I applied 3 coats of the black acrylic paint (letting it dry between each coat). 
My favorite part is taking off the tape to see those fun stripes. 

I created a Halloween printable in Photoshop and had it printed at Walmart's one hour photo which is cheaper than paying for a color copy. I also found my 4x6 black frame at Walmart for $3 but you could also use a frame from the Dollar Tree. I removed the glass and any backing from the frame. 

you can download this image HERE

After I had placed my printable in the frame I use some E600 glue to adhere the frame to the canvas. I let that dry over night before standing it upright. Of course you can paint this to match your own Halloween decor, I think it would look amazing in silver or orange as well. 

I am excited to see it among my other fun Halloween decorations this year!

I also love glittery black skulls. This is a project I did using one that you can find on my blog.
you can find this project here


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