Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Amazing enough I have a minute to get this done and it's not even 10pm yet.

This week to go along with the LOVE theme the SPT is
" I think it would be romantic to . . . . "

So I am not in any of these pictures so I don't know if it really goes along with the "self" portrait part but I think this would be very romantic, mostly because there would be no kids along at all.

I would love to take a cruise with my sweetie, even though he thinks they'd be boring. I could stand to lay out on the deck in beach chairs next to him and soak in the sun & beautiful view.

I would also love to stay at a resort where your room is right there on the beach and had these fabulous swing beds.

Honestly though, anywhere warm and sunny and quiet would be heaven and just being with him makes it romantic.

Want to hear what other SPTer's think would be romantic click here


Dacia said...

Looks romantic to me! I would love to go there with Matthew too!

MaryRC said...

that whole room on the beach thing is soooo dreamy, i love it.

Ann On and On... said...

I can almost feel the sand beneath my feet. Love the photos and yes, that would be really romantic.

Chris said...

That looks fabulous!!

Lene said...

That looks perfect.

shannon said...

I could sure go for every one of those things right about now!
My travel days are over since kids!

I almost posted a picture of me sleeping as my "it would be romantic if" picture. Doesn't a good nights rest sound like heaven?

I've never been on a cruise but would love to go. I fear that I would get sea sick, though. Ever since having children, my equilibrium has been wacky! I don't even know if I could handle those swing beds that you showed the picture of! :(

jenn said...

that looks so fantastic! sign me up!


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