Tuesday, February 24, 2009


This weeks SPT is "I'm saying I love you when I. . . . "

The daily ordeal of what to make for dinner is sometimes just too much. I get so frustrated trying to think of what to make and my honey knows this. So when I make dinner consisting of more than Mac N Cheese I am saying I love you.

And when I clean the toilets I'm saying I REALLY love you!
(no one needs to see a picture of a toilet no matter how clean)


vgsmom said...

Both of those activities would definitely "show the love" at our house too.

Ann On and On... said...

Oh the many ways we say "I love you"...you are really dead on with the toilet. I was so happy to walk into the house tonight to the smell of home cooking....by my husband. WOW!

How is Idaho? I miss it soooooo much! Maybe someday we'll be neighbors.

shannon said...

I am going through a "making meals burnout" phase. So I'm with you on making something other than mac & cheese speaks volumes...

Cecilia said...

Thanks for stopping by! I miss SPT as well :(

That's a lot of love for sure!

donna said...

IT is hard to come up with dinner every night. How long have you had your husband been married?
Ryan and i have been married for almost 16 years ( yes we are old) and i now just enjoy cooking.

Dacia said...

Guess what we had tonight? Mac n cheese! We finally made a menu and we let the kids decide what's for dinner 3 nights a week. Tonight was obviously their night :)

Toilets, seriously, that has to be love because that's the worst job ever!

Lene said...

cute post


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