Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Holiday Planner

Do most of you know what a "list" fanatic I am? Well it's true. I MUST have a list, seriously, or I'll always forget something. I love to see it on paper what it is I need or need to do. So when I saw this next project from the girls at Eighteen25 I was in LOVE!

What could be more perfect than all your holiday planning in one spot. They have a place for everything in this baby, calendar, menu, cards, lists(my favorite), and to do. I added a party tab for the cocoa party we throw each year, perfect.

They featured their planner over on Under the Sycamore and it came with step by step instructions as well as a free download with all the pieces you need. I altered mine a bit to coordinate with my paper I was using but definitely took the inspiration from them and it only cost me $1.24 for the composition notebook,everything else I had in my stash~love it!.

Some of the things I changed: Mine says "holiday" instead of "Christmas" because I couldn't get Christmast to fit on my bracket using those letter stickers.

I did my own coupon label because I wanted it to match my paper but they have the entire set for you to dowload and use if you'd like~fabulous!

I added a few ribbon paperclip for those invites you may want to hold on to or any other random thing that you think you need.

In Love !
They also tell you where to go to print off a weekly calendar for the "calendar" section of the planner, so great.

I think they turned out super cute and I can't wait to make more! Thanks again to the girls at Eighteen25 for yet another amazing idea.


eighteen25 girls said...

Those turned out so cute. What a great idea to use paper clips to hold invites! I'm in love with the papers you used. And I'd love to hear more about this cocoa party. ;)


Leslie said...

I LOVE this idea. Actually, the "Holiday" thing isnt so bad since you could start using it for making some Thanksgiving preparations and use it through New Years.
I missed the idea on eighteen25.. and now I am totally making this. : )
Have a great wednesday

Dacia said...

They are so super cute! Love it!

Barbara Palmisano said...


birchfam said...

Tiffany, I thought you were amazing BEFORE I found your blog. You inspire me, way to go! Melanie Birch.


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